Nissan’s Safety Technology Development Concept

Create a society with virtually zero avoidable traffic accidents

Nissan designs and engineers cars that embody the pleasure and richness of driving while prioritizing a high level of safety. More than 90% of traffic accidents are caused by human error. Our goal is "zero fatalities" reducing the number of deaths from accidents involving Nissan vehicles to virtually zero.

"Grappling with traffic accidents" - Nissan shows its determination through innovative technology.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 1.35 million people die each year in traffic accidents globally.
Nissan is working towards a global goal of "zero fatalities" reducing the number of deaths from accidents involving Nissan vehicles to virtually zero, and aims to help reduce the number of accidents through the development of technologies which provide "support to help keep away from risk" and which make "vehicles that help protect people" in order to achieve the ultimate goal.

Aiming for Virtually Collision-Free Cars

Nissan's concept of "vehicles that help protect people." supports the safety of vehicle occupants in a variety of scenarios with the overall goal of preventing collisions where possible and, in case of unavoidable collisions, mitigating damage and injuries. Technologies which help protect the people on board during an accident, such as the SRS Air Bag and the Zone Body, have been contributing to the reduction of fatalities for a long time. However, it is important that accidents themselves must be reduced in order to realize a truly safe automotive society. Nissan continuously makes efforts to develop new safety technologies for the realization of a safer automotive society.

For example, during normal driving or parking, sensors and cameras can monitor vehicles and pedestrians that may be difficult for drivers to see; this supports drivers and allows them to drive with peace of mind. In times of potential danger, the vehicle can judge in an instant how to help avoid or lessen the danger.
We have set ourselves the goal of providing optimal mobility worldwide. We are committed as an automobile manufacturer to swift and widespread popularization of our safety technologies.


New driver-assistance technology dramatically improves collision-avoidance performance

Nissan develops automated collision-avoidance system, a fundamental technology for reducing traffic accidents and autonomous driving

Toward fully autonomous drive

Nissan is advancing driver support technology development, toward the fully autonomous drive of the near future that anyone can use with ease.