Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability at Nissan

Nissan has always recognized the critical role that businesses play in society and has seen us determined to play our part.

Building on our company DNA and our purpose of driving innovation to enrich people’s lives, our goal is to empower mobility and to create social value for all stakeholders through our longstanding commitment to innovation and our outstanding technological expertise.

When we bring together our ESG approach with our unique Nissan mindset, we empower journeys for our customers and for wider society. In doing so, we will create a cleaner world where mobility is completely electrified, a safer world where people taking journeys are protected by innovative technologies, and an inclusive world where people are engaged, healthy and happy.

Nissan Sustainability 2022

In 2018, Nissan launched Nissan Sustainability 2022. This sustainability strategy pulls together all aspects of the company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives into a unified approach. It also outlines its initiatives for contributing to the sustainability of society and how it will achieve its own sustainable growth.

Nissan is pursuing two ultimate goals: zero emissions through carbon neutrality across the life cycle of its products by 2050, and zero fatalities by eliminating virtually all deaths resulting from traffic accidents involving its cars. Helping Nissan to achieve these goals are its efforts to be a truly diverse and inclusive company where employees can fully demonstrate their abilities and develop as professionals over the medium to long term.

Nissan Sustainability 2022’s results are outlined in Nissan’s annual ESG data book. View the latest report here:

Nissan Materiality Matrix

Nissan now uses a matrix to prioritize initiatives, conveying to stakeholders the path the company will take towards 2030 to expand opportunities for collaboration and deepen relationships of trust leading to the further promotion of initiatives.

Nissan's materiality assessment identified 21 items of materiality and every issue is material to Nissan's long-term sustainability. Nissan determined 12 items as the most important materiality items. Nissan will incorporate each of the identified items into its business activities to expand opportunities for collaboration, leading to the promotion of more robust efforts embodying our corporate purpose.

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