For employees

Human resource development

Policy and philosophy

We value a self-directed stance toward learning by employees, and are working to foster a corporate culture in which they can demonstrate their abilities and potential and in which both the company and employees can continue to grow together, as well as to develop human resources.
We encourage employees to take ownership of their own careers and promote skill development. We also promote active collaboration and teamwork with others, in addition to the development of team members by their supervisors in their respective workplaces. Specifically, the five values of the NISSAN WAY which evolved in fiscal 2020 as a symbol of the new Nissan, and the appraisal system, which emphasizes the development of human resources and promotion of collaboration, was revised in fiscal 2020 to ensure sustainable growth and development of the organization and human resources.


For more details, please view the ESG data book.

Employees' health and safety

Policy and philosophy

To demonstrate that occupational health and safety are the top priorities in Nissan business activities regardless of country, region, or division, as well as cultivate a corporate culture that respects human health and safety in all aspects of business, we established the Global Policy on Occupational Health and Safety. Our Basic Policy states that “From top management to each individual employee, Nissan recognizes that the health and safety of everyone is our top priority. The company continuously and aggressively strives toward realizing zero-accidents, zero-illness, and vigorous workplace safety by optimizing the working environment and business processes and promoting individual physical and mental health.” At bases in Japan and overseas, Nissan uniformly implements management with regard to workplace environment health and safety based on the Global Policy on Occupational Health and Safety. Nissan places great importance on occupational health and safety promotion in the collective agreements concluded with labor unions and promotes various health and safety practices in the workplace.