Safety Activities

Nissan designs and engineers cars that embody the pleasure and richness of driving while prioritizing a high level of safety. More than 90% of traffic accidents are caused by human error. Our goal is "zero fatalities" reducing the number of deaths from accidents involving Nissan vehicles to virtually zero.

Create a society with virtually zero avoidable traffic accidents

In line with providing our customers with vehicles of the highest quality,Nissan is engaged in numerous research in improving car safety. Innovation plays a big part in Nissan's vehicle development. Projects include an advanced proactive approach to safety,"Safety Shield" concept is based on the idea that cars should help protect people. Taking safety into a holistic point of view, Nissan, through its educational activities and driver training has also focused on individual safety in its core research together with vehicle and traffic safety.

Initiative for Safety by improving technology

News Release

Nissan issues news releases about wide-ranging items from corporate management and product and technology development to various events like motor shows and motorsports.