Our Approach

As a global company, we conduct our business activities with an awareness of diverse social needs. Nissan seeks to address social challenges by doing what we do best. To do so, it is critical that we place utmost emphasis on policies, programs, and initiatives that will enable our people and partners to fulfill their maximum potential and be empowered to deliver positive social change.

Human Rights

Fulfilling Nissan’s corporate purpose – “Driving innovation to enrich people’s lives” – involves respecting human rights of all our stakeholders, as well as complying with laws, regulations, and standards We uphold the highest ethical standards which we enshrine in our company rules. With this policy in mind, we commit to fulfilling our corporate responsibilities, mission and business activities.


Nissan Social Program 2030

We recognize the importance of creating inclusive communities and empowering environments for diverse individuals to feel a sense of belonging. Based on the material issues we identified in the materiality assessment, we have formulated the Nissan Social Program 2030 (NSP2030) – a comprehensive roadmap to make Nissan an even more people-centric company that creates long-term value for its people, communities, partners, and greater society. Towards the realization of the Nissan Ambition 2030 vision and forming a part of the new business plan, The Arc, the NSP2030 is designed to provide innovative and inclusive solutions placing people at the center.

Power of employees in terms of:

Making Nissan a great place to work in which all employees feel empowered, supported, and can be their authentic selves, enabling them to realize their full potential.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We strive to create an environment where employees feel valued, respected and included. That's why we're committed to improving our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

Employee Human Rights

We will further reinforce absolute respect for employee human rights throughout Nissan business processes to realize “people-centric”. We will require all employees to adhere to strict standards to protect the wellbeing of individuals globally across our operations.

Learning & Development

Nissan will enable our talent to futureproof their capabilities by providing a broad range of upskilling and re-skilling programs in critical areas such as electrification, connected technology, and leadership.

Health & Safety

Nissan adheres to the strictest safety standards, investing in further improvements to workplace wellbeing, aiming to eradicate occupational accidents and provide support to help improve mental as well as physical health for all employees.


Nissan believes it is important to play an active role as a community stakeholder. We work with the whole of society – government and civil society – leveraging our strengths and mobility solutions to address increasingly complex social issues.


Nissan will continuously develop improved safety technologies and provide road safety educational programs for both drivers and pedestrians with the aim to realize a safer society.


We will maintain world-leading quality standards across all product lines and services and will consistently optimize the reliability of our components.

Supply Chain

Responsible Sourcing

As a business with worldwide operations, Nissan has a supply chain that extends across the globe. We promote consistency in purchasing activities throughout the supply chain, sharing our vision and policy with business partners to achieve sustainable growth built on a foundation of mutual trust.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

We will continue to advocate for strong intellectual property (IP) frameworks wherever we operate. Nissan will promote activities such as IP creation, protection, licensing, and anti-counterfeiting globally to foster innovation in the IP ecosystem.

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