Nissan Green Program 2022

NGP2022 is Nissan's midterm environmental action plan for 2017-2022.
NGP will accelerate efforts to address environmental issues in climate change, resource dependency, air quality and water scarcity, and strengthen the business foundation to create social value.

Key Issues and Challenges

In addition to being compliant, we strive for the continuous improvement of the following issues based on social needs and our long-term vision:

Climate Change

Promote society's de-carbonization through expansion of electrification, vehicle intelligence and innovative future Monozukuri.

Air Quality

Ensure cleaner exhaust emissions and create a comfortable in-cabin environment to protect human health and to reduce the impact on the ecosystem.

Resource Dependency

Create a system that circulates efficiently and sustainably, and promote services to use vehicles more effectively (Circular Economy).

Water Scarcity

Reduce water consumption and manage water quality with Monozukuri that cares for ecosystem services.

Sustainability Report

This report details Nissan’s ESG-related initiatives and results in fiscal basis.

Environmental Data

You can view Nissan's efforts in previous environmental action plans and other important past activities.