Environmental Foundation

Supplier Engagement

As part of NGP2022, we are working to improve suppliers’environmental performance via the following three initiatives:
We encourage all our global suppliers to manage parts and materials with a shared environmental philosophy in alignment with the Nissan Green Purchasing Guidelines. These guidelines are based on The Renault-Nissan Purchasing Way and the Renault-Nissan Supplier CSR Guidelines and provide detailed information regarding environmental matters. In August 2018, based on NGP2022, we revised the content of the guidelines, adding requests that suppliers undertake their own environmental activities. Additionally, in May 2019, in order to strengthen management of environment-impacting substances, we added requirements dealing with supplier self-diagnosis of environment-impacting substance management and related topics, and asked all suppliers to follow them.

We also participate in the supply-chain program of CDP (previously known as the Carbon Disclosure Project), an international nonprofit, through which we request information on climate change and water from suppliers and conduct comprehensive performance reviews. During fiscal 2020, we asked our large contract suppliers to take part in the supply-chain program to provide responses on their environmental activities. 85% of them participated in the CDP program on climate change data and 81% in the CDP program on water security. Based on the results from these surveys, we engaged with a number of suppliers in order to incentivize work on the ongoing improvement of their environmental initiatives.

We are promoting THANKS (Trusty and Harmonious Alliance Network Kaizen activity with Suppliers) activities, a joint improvement program that emphasizes trust and cooperation with suppliers. Regarding energy use (electricity and gas) and CO2 emission reduction in particular, we are taking the lead in cooperating with our main suppliers as part of the energy-efficient THANKS activities, based on the initiatives of our internal production facilities.