Intelligent Emergency Braking


Assists drivers to avoid collisions with vehicles and pedestrians ahead

Intelligent Emergency Braking monitors the surrounding area in front of the car for vehicles and pedestrians, helping to avoid or reduce damage caused by collisions.

  • Not all intelligent Emergency Braking systems are designed to detect pedestrians. The description here within is specific to systems which include pedestrian detection.

How the technology works

If the system determines that there is a risk of colliding with a vehicle or pedestrian in front of the vehicle, it will alert the driver through visual and audio alerts and apply light, automatic braking. This is to prompt the driver to take action to avoid a collision.

If the driver does not take action to decelerate and the risk of a collision increases, the system will apply automatic emergency braking immediately before the collision. This will help to avoid or reduce the damage caused by the collision.

Technology Configuration

A front-mounted camera installed in the upper-portion of the windshield detects the presence of vehicles and pedestrians. If any are detected, it measures how far away they are. The system then determines if there is a risk of collision from the speed of the vehicle and the distance and speed to the vehicle or pedestrian ahead.


High Beam Assist

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Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention (I-BSI)

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