Intelligent Trace Control


Delivers confident cornering

Negotiating a corner along the intended path (trajectory) is a rewarding driving experience. But it can be difficult to maintain that steered path if there are variations in the road/turn, because a driver has to control three things simultaneously: acceleration, braking and steering. To assist drivers, the Intelligent Trace Control system can apply braking automatically to each wheel, helping to keep the vehicle on the cornering line as steered. The system helps drivers smoothly maintain control, so they are able to relax and drive around corners more confidently.*

Technology Functionality

Intelligent Trace Control can engage at any point in the corner (entry, mid-corner or exit) if it determines that the vehicle is departing from steered path. By automatically and smoothly applying small amounts of braking to individual wheels, the system corrects the vehicle trajectory to match the driver’s commands, so the driver can maintain confidence while cornering. For example, if the vehicle enters the corner too quickly, the vehicle may tend to move to the outside of the curve. Intelligent Trace Control will gently and smoothly correct the vehicle’s cornering line to help bring it back to the steered path. The system can also engage when exiting the corner. For example, if the driver accelerates out of the curve too quickly and the vehicle tends to move to the outside, Intelligent Trace Control will smoothly brake the inside wheels to help gently bring the vehicle back to the steered path.

Technology Configuration

Intelligent Trace Control is based on Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) technology (also known as “Electronic Stability Control,” or ESC). The VDC system constantly monitors the driver’s steering inputs, the speed of the wheels, the vehicle yaw rate and the lateral and longitudinal forces acting on the vehicle to deliver added safety when it is needed. Intelligent Trace Control is a comfort feature that uses the same information and brings the technology into everyday driving situations, using it to deliver a comfortable and confident driving experience. Based on information acquired from the VDC system, Intelligent Trace Control detects when the vehicle is departing from the steered path. The system then applies gentle, smooth braking to individual wheels to help bring the vehicle back into the correct cornering line. The amount of braking is small and does not affect the vehicle speed appreciably, but aids cornering by correcting the speed and/or adding yaw when needed. The system will only activate when it detects that the vehicle has departed from the path the driver desired via his or her steer inputs. In this way, Intelligent Trace Control helps keep the vehicle in line and increases driver confidence and enjoyment.


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