Adaptive Front - Lighting System


Visibility is improved by control of light distribution to suit road conditions

Approximately 70% of vehicle to pedestrian accident occured in night time

Improvement of visibility in the night time is very important due to the frequency of fatal accidents.

Source: Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis, Japan (FY 2003)

AFS automatically turns on low beams according to vehicle speed and steer to provide better visibility.

Curve When driving on the winding road, AFS will change the lighting pattern to compensate for the curvature of the road to help enhance night visibility.

Crossroads At crossroads, AFS will illuminate the chosen direction of travel,either left or right.
*The right-side lamp does not move when the vehicle is stopped.


Adaptive LED Headlight

Even when another vehicle is in front of you, the high beams will illuminate surrounding areas to improve visibility at night.

High Beam Assist

Automatically switches headlights to low beam from high beam and back to reduce driving burden

Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention (I-BSI)

Assist the driver to avoid a collision with lane changing by detecting vehicles in the blind spot

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Assists the driver in avoiding collisions with rearward approaching vehicles when reversing