ProPILOT Remote Park

You can move your car in and out of a parking spot by operating the Intelligent Key from outside the car

You can move the car when the driver is not in the car via remote control with the Intelligent Key from outside the car.
This allows you to get out of the car in advance in an area with more space, such as when parking the car in a spot where it is difficult to open the doors. Additionally, when taking the car out of parking spaces like that as well, you can move the car before getting in, which frees the driver from having to contort themselves when getting into/out of the car, and also eases worries about dents and scratches to the car.

System operation

When the driver operates the Intelligent Key and issues an instruction for the car to move forward or backward, the car will slowly start to move.
Sonar installed on the front and rear bumpers detects obstacles in the area around the car, and the car will control the steering wheel to adjust its direction of travel if it comes too close to an obstacle on one side. If there is an obstacle in the car's direction of travel, then the car will stop a certain distance away from it.

Operation Method (When taking the car out of a garage)*

(1) Press the unlock/system on switch on the Intelligent Key, then press and hold this switch to start the system.

(2) Press the forward switch and the unlock/system on switch at the same time to move the car to the desired position. The car will stop when the switches are released.

(3) When the lock/system off switch is pressed, the car will shift into “P” (Park) position, activate the electronic parking brake, and turn the power off.

  • It is necessary to pay close attention to the movement of surrounding cars and people.

System mechanism

Twelve sonar sensors are installed on the front and rear bumpers to detect obstacles around the car.
When the car receives a signal from the Intelligent Key, the accelerator, brake, steering, and transmission are linked, and the car is moved based on sonar information.


ProPILOT with Navi-link

ProPILOT, which assists single-lane driving on a highway, is enhanced by the addition of a function that links it to the navigation system, thereby reducing the frequency of the driver’s operations and making the driver more confident and more comfortable.

ProPILOT 2.0

Driver assistance technology, combining navigated highway driving with hands-off single-lane driving capabilities


An advanced automated parking system that can perform a variety of parking maneuvers at a touch of a button.


Significantly reduces driver stress when driving on highways in several kinds of traffic conditions, making long drives more comfortable and enjoyable