Intelligent Distance Control


Nissan's Intelligent Distance Control helps drivers control the distance between themselves and the vehicle in front.


To realize Nissan's Safety Shield concept that "vehicles help protect people" and to help keep drivers away from danger.


The system works following function based on the following distance and relative vehicle speed of both cars using a radar sensor installed in the front bumper.

Representative driving scenarios

Example: When the car is getting close to the preceding vehicle

If the driver releases the gas pedal, the system automatically applies the brakes smoothly to decelerate the vehicle and help the driver maintain an appropriate following distance. If the driver is pressing the gas pedal, the gas pedal actuator moves the gas pedal upwards to assist the driver to release.

  • The system applies the brakes only when the driver is not pressing the gas pedal.

Example: When the preceding vehicle is decelerating and the driver is required to push the brakes

If the system determines that braking is required, an indicator will appear on the meter gauge and a buzzer will sound. And the system will move the gas pedal upwards in order to assist the driver to switch to the brake pedal.

System Configuration


e-Pedal Step

Free control of the vehicle’s speed with just the accelerator pedal

Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention (I-BSI)

Assist the driver to avoid a collision with lane changing by detecting vehicles in the blind spot

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Assists the driver in avoiding collisions with rearward approaching vehicles when reversing

Intelligent Trace Control

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