Intelligent Cruise Control

Maintains a preset distance from the vehicle ahead, reducing the driver's workload

Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) measures the distance from the vehicle ahead and controls acceleration and deceleration to automatically maintain a suitable following distance. This distance is adjusted according to the speed of the vehicle ahead, up to the preset speed, and the ICC speed settings set by the driver.
ICC reduces the driver's workload during long journeys such as expressway driving or in traffic congestion situations.

The system controls vehicle speed in order to maintain a set distance from the vehicle ahead. Manual accelerator pedal operation is reduced in high speed driving or in traffic congestion, making the journey much easier for the driver.

System operation

When the ICC system detects a preceding vehicle driving in the same lane, the system controls acceleration and deceleration in order to maintain the preset distance between vehicles according to the vehicle's speed, up to the preset speed, and ICC speed range selected by the driver. If the preceding vehicle comes to a stop, the driver's vehicle will come to a standstill (within the limitations of the system) and the ICC system will cancel.
In situations when the system may not be able to fully decelerate the vehicle due to the preceding vehicle rapidly decelerating, or a vehicle suddenly merges in front of the vehicle; the ICC system warns the driver with a warning chime and display alert.
When the ICC system do not detect a vehicle driving ahead in the same lane, the system maintains the vehicle speed that was set by the driver.
On some models such as the Skyline, the ICC system also modulates vehicle speed according to the size of a curve up ahead, utilizing the on-board navigation system information. After clearing the curve, the vehicle resumes the driver's preset speed.

System mechanism

The ICC system controls the acceleration and deceleration based on forward detection from a front-mounted radar sensor or front camera. Detection scope includes detecting a preceding vehicle in the same lane and the distance to it.


Intelligent 4X4 system

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