Forest Air-conditioning System


"Life on Board" Concept - Putting human characteristics first, to deliver more joy of driving

Designed to recreate the refreshing climate, fragrance and natural breezes of relaxing forest settings.

Taking a hint from the pleasant effect of forest air on people, Nissan has aimed to recreate the climate of the forest in the cabin. Using various advanced techologies, Nissan has dveloped the air-conditioning system to make cabin air quality closer to nature, helping to reduce stress of the drive and passengers.

Breezy Air

  • Feel like natural breeze by fluctuated air flow.
  • Control randomly modulated air flow from upper vent and front vent outlets.

Feature of technology:

  • Duplicate "1/f modulation"
  • Optimized air flow control, which pattern is adjusted according to solar insolation, outside temp.

New-generation Plasmacluster Ions

  • Reduce adhered odor on the interior trim.
  • Supply high density ion in ventilation air for anti-bacterial deodorization

Feature of technology:

  • Not only the deodoring performance (fig. on right), but also sterilizing performance has improved -- braking down or deactivating bacteria, virus, and allergens including tics


  • Relaxation by forest air components
  • Aroma diffuser provide leaf scent and fragrant wood with ventilation air

Feature of technology:
Providing two components alternatively & intermittently is effective.

  • Leaf scent (leaf alcohol):
    The ingredient which is included in the leaf of many plants. It is said to effective in calming, and a fatigue reduction effect is studied.
  • Fragrant wood (Borneol):
    The ingredient which is included in a borneol tree (Kapur) growing wild in tropical forest. It is said to effective in calming, and to be in raising concentration.

Grape seed polyphenol filter 

  • Reduce allergen
  • Inactivating allergen by filter that uses fiber impregnated with natural grape seed polyphenol

Feature of technology:

  • The filter reduce the effect of cedar pollen allergens by 88percent, representing an improvement about five times higher than monomelic polyphenol such as catechin

Humidity Control

  • Keep comfortable humidity (no over-dry during air conditioned), while preventing fogging up windows.
  • Regulate air conditioner dehumidification by sensing interior humidity.

Feature of technology:

  • Control both humidity and fogging up in all driving situations.
  • Precise humidity sensing (adjusted by solar insolation, outside temp., and vehicle speed) is the key

Automatic intake control

  • Reduce bad odor by optimized ventilation
  • Control intake port (open/close) automatically by sensing inside/outside odor

Feature of technology:

  • Active control of ventilation to keep cabin CO2 low, while preventing inflow of bad odor
  • High sensitivity and wide range of odor sensor is the key

Proving relaxing effect

State of relaxation

The state in which the person calms down from external conditions or the consequences of what he or she has done and achieves mental acuity, resulting in good work.

Prof. Shinohara
Tokyo University of
Science, SUWA

For example, the state of a person sitting for calligraphy or a tea ceremony

The research showed that it helps create such state of alert and focused, yet with tension relieved.

Breezy Air


It was inspected by a cooperation study with Tokyo University of Science, SUWA


Intelligent 4X4 system

Assists drivers in smooth cornering by adjusting power output to the front and rear wheels

Intelligent Trace Control

Delivers confident cornering

Intelligent Ride Control

Realizing a more comfortable ride

Intelligent Engine Brake

Achieving smooth braking and cornering