INFINITI Qs Inspiration

“INFINITI Qs Inspiration” is a sports sedan concept developed for the electrified era. It offers a new perspective on sports sedans with an elevated driving position and high-performance electrified all-wheel drive (e-AWD) power. It hints at the company’s electrified future, in which the brand will offer electric and e-POWER powertrains across its line-up. The concept’s flexible architecture has been developed to accommodate high-performance electrified powertrains. It has enabled INFINITI’s designers to reinterpret traditional ‘three-box’ sedan design, with the freedom to experiment with the exterior proportions and create a spacious, lounge-like interior. Drawing on INFINITI’s Japanese DNA, the “INFINITI Qs Inspiration” confirms INFINITI’s new form language for its forthcoming electrified vehicles. Inspired by art and modern architecture, the design embraces the Japanese spatial concept of ‘Ma’, emphasizing the open spaces between bold lines. The clean and concise ambience of the cabin merges a sense of Japanese design composure with striking artistry and craftsmanship.

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