Nissan Pavilion

Nissan Pavilion was designed as an entertainment facility where visitors was able to interactively experience the future mobility society envisioned by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. The building itself embodied the belief that the company founder put in the initial logo design, “Do what others don’t dare to do” which means if you have a strong belief, its belief penetrates even the sun.

The sun motif façade was constructed with a translucent tensile membrane like a living organics. The boundary between the inside and outside of the building expressed the line that run through the center. In contrast to the overwhelming scale of digital content inside, the garden that connects the façade and the building itself is decorated with dry garden-themed ball gravel, bamboo, and basin, and attempts to combine tradition and innovation with Japanese minimalism. rice field.


  • 2022 iF design award   (Germany)
  • 2021 Japan Kukan Design Awards Bronze Prize