Improving Product Quality

Product quality is a basic feature in allowing customers to use a product safely and comfortably over the long term. For Nissan, which has played a key role in monozukuri, Japan’s tradition of careful craftsmanship, product quality is the foundation for our sustainability as a company. We consider quality from the customer’s perspective at all times and respond quickly if a defect occurs, striving to prevent recurrence. In addition, we are improving product quality to satisfy as many customers as possible by reliably identifying customer dissatisfaction and implementing countermeasure activities in all processes to eliminate any issues.

Approaches in Development and at Manufacturing Plants

Developing attractive styling vehicle

Using digital technology to enhance precision

Quality evaluation system

Comprehensive running tests

Repeated checks at every process

Improving Logistics Quality

Activities to Improve Market Quality

Swiftly Improving Quality in Local Markets

FQC Objectives and Activities

The Scope of Field Quality Investigation and Analysis

Improving Initial Quality

Enhancing Durability

Approaches with Suppliers

With suppliers

Quality Assurance Tools

Evolving Supplier Quality