What is Nissan Intelligent Mobility?

Imagine a whole new driving experience, moving through life with greater confidence, excitement and connection to the world around you. This is Nissan Intelligent Mobility, and it’s already a reality in Nissans you can drive today ? in cars that park themselves, watch what’s happening around you, and step in to keep you out of trouble. Now imagine a near future with cars that can actually learn from one another and EVs that recharge as they drive along, no strings attached. Nissan Intelligent Mobility is making all this, and more, part of a bold, bright tomorrow.



An advanced automated parking system that can perform a variety of parking maneuvers at a touch of a button.


Easy driving using only the accelerator pedal

Electric vehicle lithium-ion battery

High capacity Lithium-ion battery in a lightweight, compact design


Lightweight, compact and high-efficiency powertrain for electric vehicles EVs