NissanConnect App

You can use the smartphone app to control your vehicle features remotely and confirm the vehicle status anytime anywhere.

You can use a smartphone app to perform operations such as locking the vehicle doors or turning the air conditioner on/off, and check the status of your vehicle, such as the remaining battery or the warning lights. Connect to your vehicle anytime anywhere, with a simple design that lets you understand the necessary information at a glance.

How the technology works

A simple design that organizes the necessary information

Understand the information you usually use at a glance, such as the current location of the vehicle, the distance you can keep travelling and the door lock status.

If you have a problem with the vehicle, prioritized information will be noticeably displayed.

Remote control

You can lock the vehicle doors, turn the air conditioner on/off, set the temperature etc.

My Car status check

You can confirm the status of your vehicle, such as the remaining battery, the door lock status, the warning lights and the air pressure in the tires.

Navigation setting

You can set the destination with your smartphone and send that information to your vehicle.

You can register multiple destinations in line with the departure schedule, so you are always ready to drive. In addition, you can also set the air conditioner in line with that schedule.

  • Specifications may vary depending on the region.
  • The design of the smartphone app stated above will be supported from the Nissan Ariya. Changes may vary later.