Voice Control with Natural Language-Understanding Technology


This is a new voice user interface with advanced natural language-understanding technology that enables quick and accurate operation while driving.

Voice Control makes the operation of in-vehicle equipment possible by using voice commands. With this technology, drivers can easily use a variety of in-vehicle functions for a comfortable drive while driving and without taking their eyes off the road.

Voice Control with natural language-understanding technology significantly improves the usability of conventional voice interfaces. Utilizing advanced voice recognition technology, it estimates the user’s intention from vague utterances and controls in-vehicle equipment. This interface enables users to operate the equipment even without speaking commands and names accurately, making quick and accurate operation of the equipment possible while driving.

System operation

Vehicles equipped with the personal assistance technology, which supports the operation of in-vehicle equipment, enable drivers to conduct quick and accurate operation of the equipment while driving.

Operation of in-vehicle equipment

Saying "Hello Nissan" will activate the Voice Control, and the user will be able to control in-vehicle equipment (e.g. navigation, audio, and air-conditioning systems, telephone, etc.). Users do not need to speak accurate command, such as “set destination," and facility names as it was previously the case. Instead, users can easily set the destination by speaking in a natural language (e.g. “xxx (a cafe) nearby").

System mechanism

Nissan's personal assistance technology, which controls in-vehicle equipment, is equipped with the hybrid voice recognition function that uses two types of voice recognition engines in order to achieve both speed and accuracy. The in-vehicle voice recognition engine swiftly responds to simple utterances, while the cloud voice recognition engine responds to more complex utterances and accurately estimates user's intention through an telematics communication unit.


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