Integrated Display Interface


An advanced Integrated Display Interface consolidated display coupled with a clean design and easy-to-use operation

n addition to the controls for in-vehicle units such as driving information, navigation, and audio, which we operate when driving a vehicle, we are also dealing with an increasing volume of information through the advancement of connected technology.

The Integrated Display Interface was developed to enable easy access to a high volume of information when driving. It is coupled with a beautiful design and easy-to-use operation.

System operation

The Integrated Display Interface optimizes the layout and format of information to enable easy access to various information when driving.

  1. Integration of the meter display and center display makes it easy to change the line of vision from one display to another.
  1. Information is presented simply, corresponding to the display position.
    While detailed map information is presented on the center display, a simple map of the surrounding areas is displayed on the meter display, thereby enhancing visibility during the drive.
  1. Swipe operation enables free and easy control of the information layout.
    Information can be transferred instantaneously from the center display to the meter display through a swiping motion*1. When doing so, simple information is displayed on the meter display to enhance visibility during the drive. In addition, by using the steering switches, the information that has been transferred can also be operated while keeping the hands on the steering wheel.

System mechanism

The Integrated Display Interface integrates a large-sized TFT* LCD meter display with a touch-screen display in an “S” -shape. The “S” -shape was designed in consideration of a distance that offers good visibility and ease of operation to the driver.
Low reflection/low gloss film is used on the surface, while the absence of a hood creates a simple yet beautiful design. The two displays are connected through ethernet to enable high-speed information exchanges, making smooth coordinated operation a reality.

*Thin Film Transistor

  1. The method of operation and operable functions vary depending on model.


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