Mode Control Design Technology (Nodal Mount)


Considering and controlling the deformation of the vehicle body? Nissan’s vehicle body design technology developed by “overturning an idea”

We have focused on providing a secure and enjoyable driving experience in any road and weather conditions. For example, making the driver and the passengers feel secure and comfortable by absorbing the discontinuously changing shock from gaps & bumps on the road. Nissan concurrently undertakes weight reduction and the development of “rigid vehicle bodies”. There is a case that vehicle bodies may become susceptible to vibration with weight reduction. So we considered vehicle deformation mode when it vibrates, and we developed a comfort body by controlling that deformation. “Thoroughly considering the deformation mode of the vibration, and utilizing that characteristic”? technology nurtured upon this overturning idea is what we call “Mode Control Design Technology (Nodal Mount)”. This technology allows for a smooth and comfortable ride at all times, not disturbed by sound or shake.

The “Mode Control Design Technology (Nodal Mount)”, has realized the co-achievement of weight reduction and the ride comfort

The basic feature of a comfortable vehicle body is less vibration against input force. Countermeasure for this, however, may come with added mass. On the other hand, there always exists an unmoving point called “node”. The improvement of comfort may be maintained by way of designing the vehicle body in such a manner that would apply input force to this particular “node”. In order to realize this concept and develop a “rigid vehicle body”, we are utilizing our analytical technologies for the designing of vehicle body structures and thickness of panels which would be able to match the position of input force with the vehicle vibration “node” position. Our “Mode Control Technology (Nodal Mount)” has realized co-achievement of weight reduction and ride comfort. Ride comfort achieved through researching and analyzing the ideal vehicle body deformation mode when it vibrated... Pleasurable travel is sure to be accelerated through Nissan’s vehicle body design technologies, which aim to realize an unparalleled level of assurance and comfort.

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