FR Hybrid System (Intelligent Dual Clutch Control)


Hybrid system for front-engine rear-wheel-drive vehicles achieving fuel consumption of a compact car with good acceleration

Nissan’s original one-motor two-clutch intelligent dual clutch control hybrid system has the fuel efficiency and environmental performance of a compact car while still maintaining a pleasurable driving experience with good response and a direct sense of acceleration better than a gasoline vehicle. The minimal system developed by Nissan has superb driving performance, such as the smooth driving feeling of an electric motor and powerful acceleration.

Technology Functionality

In a hybrid system, the motor supports the engine, improving driving performance and fuel consumption by regenerating with the motor and storing energy in the battery, using this to drive like an EV and for accelerating.
The one-motor two-clutch hybrid system can separate the engine from the drivetrain as necessary. It can utilize the engine and motor as power sources, from running just on the motor to using both motor and engine for full acceleration, achieving a more efficient drive as per the situation. During regeneration and electric-mode driving, the engine is completely disconnected from the drive-train, resulting in zero loss from engine friction.

Technology Configuration


Nissan replaced an existing 7-speed automatic transmission’s torque converter with a motor and two clutches in a compact configuration. Using a one-motor system to drive the wheels and regenerate electricity allows for a reduction in the number of parts and a lighter weight.
The two clutches transfer energy mechanically to the engine and motor. While being efficient and with little energy loss compared to a normal torque converter, the system also has intuitive and responsive acceleration. Through integrated control of this system and transmission using high-level control technology it achieves a drive that responds to a range of driving conditions.
The hybrid car lithium-ion battery can discharge high currents in a short time. In this way, the proportion of running the motor increases, and it is possible to recover braking energy frequently. Being able to use electricity effectively means the consumption of gasoline fuel decreases and contributes accordingly to better mileage.

Division of Engine & Motor

The clutches are operated according to the driving situation in the following ways, using the engine and motor in different ways.

Clutch #1 disconnected, completely stopping the engine. Connecting with Clutch #2, electrical energy from the lithium ion battery is delivered.

Clutch #1 connected, directly delivering engine power to the transmission. Since there is no torque converter, the engine energy can be transferred directly.

Directly delivers engine and motor power for a more responsive acceleration using the high-output lithium ion battery.

Clutch #1 is disconnected, stopping and completely disconnecting the engine, so the engine rpm is zero and there is no engine friction. This means it can efficiently charge the battery from the motor.


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