MR16DDT Engine


Powerful engine with superb fuel efficiency

The MR6DDT is an engine with superb performance and an environmentally conscious design. It employs a turbocharger and utilizes various controls to combine engine performance equivalent to a 2.5L engine while being 1.6L class, and also excellent fuel efficiency.

Technology Functionality

The MR16DDT combines high performance with an environmentally conscious design, employing a gasoline direct injection mechanism that improves engine charging and combustion efficiency, and a range of fuel combustion efficiency enhancing technology/friction reduction technology, matched with technology that improves output (engine power), such as a compact high-efficiency turbocharger.

Technology Configuration

Direct injection engine

The MR16DDT is a direct injection engine that injects fuel directly into the cylinders. Injecting the liquid gasoline into the cylinder generates vaporized heat and the internal temperature of the cylinder goes down. This makes it more difficult for knocking to arise, thus improving combustion efficiency and realizing improved fuel efficiency. Direct injection engines also have the advantage that they are able to reduce fuel consumption by precisely controlling the amount of fuel burned.
Through the direct injection engine’s fine control of fuel, immediately after initiating the engine can form a dense air-fuel mixture around the spark plug and have it combust in a stratified charge. Doing this increases the exhaust temperature and the catalyst activates quickly, making the catalyst work quickly. After warming up, it forms a highly homogenous air-fuel mixture, raising fuel combustion efficiency.

Reducing friction

In order to have both good acceleration and fuel efficiency, it is essential to reduce friction. The surface of the camshafts have been nano-finish coated. The nano-finished camshaft polished smooth like a mirror and the DLC valve lifter achieve a major reduction in friction. The top of the beehive valve spring has narrowed, realizing compact retainers and also further contributing to friction reduction.

Raising output power

The turbocharger raises air-fuel mixture packing efficiency, improving output power and torque. Further, a twin CVTC is employed for both intake and exhaust CVTC (continuously variable timing control) to control the timing of opening and closing valves continuously according to the conditions of the engine revolution and throttle aperture. This then improves the response during low and medium speeds, a weakness with conventional turbochargers.



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