Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where can I view the company's history? 

Where can I view the company's mission?

Please visit Purpose, mission & DNA.

Where can I view diversity information?

Please visit Diversity & Inclusion.

Where can I view corporate governance information?

Please visit Governance. 

Where can I view career information?

please visit this website. 

What's the best way to link to Nissan's global website?

Our webpage URLs are subject to change or deletion without notice. Therefore, links should direct visitors to the landing page of our website. Please note that Nissan does not wish URLs from its site to be used on commercial websites or websites that are offensive.

Can I embed a link on Nissan's global website?

We do not accept the embedding of links that redirect visitors to other websites, apart from our affiliate companies and organizations. We appreciate your understanding.

Can I use images from Nissan's global website?

Copyrights and portrait rights for the content on our website and in our catalogs exclusively belong to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Nissan uses the images of celebrities, models, and backgrounds only for the limited purpose and scope of use as agreed in the respective contracts. Therefore, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, we do not permit other parties to use these images.


About Stock

What is your securities trading code?

"7201" for the Tokyo Stock Exchange, "NSANY" for U.S. market (otc).

Where is Nissan's Transfer Agent and Registrar for Common Stocks?

For the ADS, JP Morgan Chase Bank is the Transfer Agent.

How can I become a Nissan Shareholder?

Please contact our Transfer Agent to attain the Adds for Nissan. For details, confirm our Shareholders Service Site.

About Closing

When are the Financial Results announced?

You can check the announcement dates on our IR Calendar site.

How can I find historical financial data, including filed documents?

All IR related documents are available in our IR Archive. Nissan's filings can be confirmed and downloaded.

How can I find Nissan's Annual Report?

All relevant documents are available in the IR Archive. In addition, information on Nissan’s activities and initiatives can be accessed through the Management Report section on the website.

Can I find the Financial Information (Yukashoken-Hokokusho)?

All IR related documents are available in Financial Information


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Where can I access the latest sustainability report?

Please visit here. 

Where can I find information on climate change?

Please visit Climate Change. 


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How can I apply for plant tour? 

You can apply here for a plant tour and an online tour (in Japanese).
Plant tour FAQs can be viewed here.

Is content available for children?

Yes, content for kids can be viewed at NISSAN KIDS Adventurer
and at Nissan WEB Ehon (in Japanese). 


If the FAQ did not solve your problem, please contact us here.