90th Anniversary

Celebrating 90 years of Nissan

On December 26, 2023, Nissan will mark 90 years of passion and innovation driven by our DNA to “do what others don’t dare to do”.

Since its founding in 1933, this daring spirit has inspired Nissan and generations of its employees to push the boundaries of innovation - enriching people’s lives with thrilling journeys and pioneering technology to create a cleaner, safer and more inclusive world.

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A Journey of Progress and Achievement

90th anniversary booklet

Step into Nissan’s 90-year history with our commemorative booklet, showcasing our fascinating journey of progress since 1933.

Delve into the stories behind the milestones, innovations, and challenges that have propelled Nissan forward over our 90-year history.

Nissan Walk

90 years of inspiration and excitement

What does a 90-year legacy of daring to do what others don't look like?
To commemorate Nissan’s 90th anniversary, we’ve created a 75-meter exhibit at our headquarters in Yokohama, Japan chronicling our heritage of breaking boundaries and showing the world the excitement our cars bring.

A Journey of Progress and Achievement

Celebrating 90 years of daring automotive history

It’s Nissan’s 90th anniversary, and we’re revealing something extraordinary to celebrate 90 years of daring automotive history. Ninety years of innovation, countless memories, and one unforgettable anniversary surprise—a masterpiece in the making. Because we dare to do what others don’t.

Daring moments from past and present

As we approach our 90th anniversary, we're spotlighting 23 daring moments that embody our identity, values and courage. We challenge norms and foster innovation for a cleaner, safer and more inclusive tomorrow.

A daring milestone: 16 million engines produced at Nissan Mexico

Nissan Mexico achieved a monumental milestone in 2023, producing 16 million engines. To celebrate, we invited journalists to our Aguascalientes Powertrain plant to help assemble the 16 millionth engine. They witnessed firsthand the skill and dedication of our technicians as they transformed components into engines that power thrilling journeys.

Nissan Mexico
Yoshisuke Aikawa

Yoshisuke Aikawa

Our 90-year history has been defined by daring moments – and those bold enough to challenge what came before. Our founder, Yoshisuke Aikawa, lived by that value, with the vision and innovation to create the company Nissan is today.

NISMO Festival

From 50 years of legendary Skylines to the latest in sustainable excitement, such as the carbon neutral fuel (CNF) powered GT500 Z and all-electric Formula E racecar, passion from pit lane and the stands were aligned with Nissan’s daring pursuit of precision and speed.

NISMO Festival
Canada’s Micra and Sentra Cup

A race like no other: Canada’s Micra and Sentra Cup

Nissan brought racing to the masses with the Micra and Sentra Cup series in Canada. Drivers can experience the thrill of real racing circuits and unlock extraordinary performance in everyday cars. Countless thrilling moments and victories await behind the wheel of a race-ready Micra or Sentra.

Nissan Magnite

A history of bold innovations in India

Nissan’s daring spirit has left a lasting impact in India, from the rugged and reliable Jonga in 1969 to the award-winning Magnite in 2020. With cutting-edge technology and thrilling performance, the Nissan Magnite has made a bold statement among customers, serving over 100,000 people in 15 markets.

Nissan Frontier

Daring to make a difference on the Mojave Road

In 1983, Nissan partnered with historian Dennis G. Casebierin an effort to preserve the Mojave Road, testing the original Nissan Hardbody on the 133-mile trail. Forty years later, Nissan's new Frontier tackled Mojave's challenges.

Nissan Frontier

A daring off-road adventure in South America

We challenged an all-female group of journalists to join us on a special expedition in the Nissan Frontier, exploring the rich, rugged off-road terrain of South America.

Nissan LEAF

Paving the way to electric mobility

In 2010, we shocked doubters and showed everyone the potential of electric vehicles when we introduced the Nissan LEAF, the world's first mass-market EV. Our daring spirit pushed auto industry norms then, and continues to do so today, as we travel toward an electrified future.

An immersive look into our electrified future

At this year's Japan Mobility Show, we dared to bring our vision of the future to life. This immersive, multi-platform experience was like nothing we had done before. From the real to the virtual, discover how our latest series of advanced EV concepts sparked excitement with audiences around the world.

The Nissan
Nissan LEAF

Daring to go beyond mobility with the Nissan LEAF

Create a vehicle beyond a car: Nissan LEAF goes beyond mobility, transforming into energy units on wheels with a V2X system. Stored energy can power your home, changing lives with an efficient, sustainable solution.

Nissan Design Europe

Nissan Design Europe: 20 years of daring to push the limits

Proudly celebrating 20 years of innovation at Nissan Design Europe (NDE) in London, a hub shaping Nissan's global lineup. NDE designed iconic cars like Qashqai and JUKE, and now unveils Concept 20-23, a sporty electric city car, pushing design boundaries further.

Nissan Patrol

Nissan Patrol: The legend lives on

In 1962, the 60 series Nissan Patrol accomplished what no other motor vehicle had: crossing Australia's vast Simpson Desert — the largest parallel sand dune desert on the planet, stretching more than 170,000 square kilometers.

Alex Qureitem

A picture is worth a thousand memories

Driven by his passion for GT-Rs, Alex Qureitem dared to pause his life to embark on a year-long journey to follow his dream of photographing GT-Rs around the world and capturing unforgettable memories along the way.

Yutaka Katayama

Mr. K

Yutaka Katayama, "Mr. K," the Nissan legend and father of the Datsun Z, blazed an iconic trail in the automotive world, revolutionizing the industry with his passion and innovation until his retirement in 1977.

GT Academy

GT Academy

Through the GT Academy, Nissan dared to prove to the racing world that with passion and drive, young gamers could transform their virtual skills into real-world motorsport careers.

Nissan Qashqai e-POWER

Nissan Qashqai e-POWER

Join us for an exhilarating adventure as fourteen bold content creators test the limits of efficiency, driving our Qashqai e-POWER on an incredible 1000 km journey across Sardinia with just one tank of fuel.

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