HBMC (Hydraulic Body Motion Control)

Nissan developed this new suspension technology for full-size SUVs which helps balance on road driving performance and ride comfort with off-road capability.

System Overview

Two hydraulic systems connected by cross-link hydraulic pipes to the 4-wheel independent suspension's hydraulic cylinders absorb road bumps and help reduce body lean when cornering. This helps minimize fluctuation of view of those on board and provides a more comfortable ride. Unlike other similar systems, this does not need a power source, so there is no trade-off with fuel economy.

System Configuration


Fluid from the two outside wheel hydraulic cylinders flows to the accumulator to raise the suspension's roll stiffness. This counteracts centrifugal force, reducing the degree of sinking on the vehicle's outer side and helps to minimize passenger fluctuation of view.

Rough Road and Off-Road Driving

The suspension for each wheel rises or drops according to road conditions, smoothly absorbing the vibrations caused by off-road bumps and holes.


Intelligent Trace Control

Delivers confident cornering

Intelligent Ride Control

Realizing a more comfortable ride