Front-Wheel Drive Vehicle Hybrid System


Supporting the spread of hybrid vehicles by reducing size and weight

This hybrid system for front-wheel drive vehicles is more compact than previous models, overcoming the challenges of current hybrid systems that limit vehicle platforms. It is possible to install the system into a wide range of vehicles, from medium-sized to large-size front-wheel drive cars and four-wheel drive models, expanding customer choice for hybrids.

Technology Functionality

The hybrid system improves driving performance and fuel consumption by using the motor to regenerate power during deceleration and store it in the battery, as well as supporting the engine by using the battery to power the motor for low-speed EV driving and acceleration. Further, fuel consumption is enhanced by using the battery to power the car’s electronic components when the vehicle is parked. As the engine can be separated from the drive-train when necessary, the power source for both the engine and motor can be utilized optimally, meaning there is also no loss from engine friction when regenerating with the engine separated from the powertrain or during EV driving.

Technology Configuration

The system employs Intelligent Dual Clutch Control, combining one motor and two clutches to implement a front-wheel drive hybrid system that is lightweight and compact. Clutch 1 is set up between the engine and motor, while Clutch 2 is installed between the motor and the CVT. Use of the engine or motor can be differentiated according to the circumstances by selecting “on” or “off” for Clutch 1, making for efficient driving.

Engine and Motor Differentiation


Powerful driving connecting to Clutch 1 and using both the engine and motor.


Turns off Clutch 1, separating and stopping the engine. Drives just with the motor. Completely stopping the engine while the car is moving removes friction caused by an idle engine, and curbs output loss. This means the motor generates more power and fuel economy is improved.

Parking and Low-Speed Driving:

Turns off Clutch 1, separating and stopping the engine. Drives just with the motor, with no friction from the engine. It is possible to drive up to a certain speed with only the motor.

The hybrid system clutch and motor are designed to fit into the space for the torque converter used in CVT engine vehicles. Accordingly, no specific chassis is required and it can be used in a variety of models. It can also be applied easily to four-wheel drive vehicles and plug-in hybrids. A high-output lithium-ion battery, developed for hybrids and with excellent discharging and charging, has been adopted for the system’s battery.


Mild Hybrid

Mild Hybrid is a compact hybrid system that improves fuel efficiency by utilizing the energy during deceleration.

HR12DE Engine

Three-cylinder engine, lightweight, compact and good mileage

Lithium-ion Battery for Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicle battery for improved acceleration and fuel efficiency

MR16DDT Engine

Powerful engine with superb fuel efficiency