2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan exhibits new technologies with our latest concept car, NISSAN IMx at the 2017 Tokyo Motor show. This page explains the representative of these technologies.

NISSAN IMx: embodying the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility
EV platform and twin motor 4WD providing driving pleasure, longer range cruising distance, autonomous drive, connectivity - all the elements are collaborated in this vehicle.

Driving Technology features

  • On demand: selectable driving mode
  • Fully autonomous drive using 360°
  • Precision handling with confidence that makes driving a joy
  • Advanced on-the-road enjoyment
The IMx takes the ProPILOT technology offered on the new Nissan LEAF a step further, by offering fully autonomous driving with no human intervention.

With the newest autonomous technologies, the driver can opt for fully autonomous driving by selecting ProPILOT Drive (PD mode). The system stows the steering wheel inside the dashboard and automatically reclines the front and rear seats, allowing the vehicle’s occupants to relax and enjoy their commute.
The panoramic, curved display above the dashboard and the wood grain-patterned LCD display become a private entertainment center, allowing occupants to enjoy the scenery outside, watch a music video or even video chat with someone remotely, making full use of their time while traveling to their destination.

When Manual Drive (MD mode) is selected, the steering wheel and seats return to their original positions, allowing the driver to take back control. The IMx offers the joy of driving and the pleasure of travel to both driver and passengers.
The displays and infotainment system can be controlled by gestures, eye movements and voices.

New EV dedicated platform features

  • Flat and spacious cabin space
  • Never before experienced Zero Emission performance
  • Cruising range that expands the sphere of action

New EV platform built on the IMx will boast truly efficient packaging, with all the mechanical components taking up minimal space, which in turn allows for an extraordinarily large cabin designed to provide maximum comfort for the vehicle’s occupants.
The motors combine to produce 320 kW of power and an astounding 700 Nm of torque, making the vehicle a powerful, yet quiet crossover. Also, the IMx boasts the handling prowess of a high-performance car.
The new platform’s highly rigid nature translates to an excellent on-road feel, while the low center of gravity enhances the vehicle’s dynamic qualities, giving it a sharper turning response and enhancing overall agility.

Also, a new high-capacity battery, redesigned with increased energy density, results in a driving range of more than 600 kilometers on a single charge. This allows occupants to enjoy sporty driving without worrying about recharging the battery.
  • Nm: newton metre

Connectivity Technology features

  • Fully autonomous drive promises convenient new vehicle uses
  • Contribution to Smart Energy Management
The IMx was engineered to establish unrivaled convenience and social integration by combining autonomous technology with connected-car technology and leveraging the vehicle's high-capacity batteries to create a new role for cars.

For example, the IMx has the ability to autonomously drive to the airport and park on its own, then pick up the owner when he or she returns from their trip. During that time, the IMx can perform tasks autonomously that were unimaginable until recently.

The IMx's battery can be charged wirelessly, without the need of a cable. The IMx can automatically share its power using vehicle-to-home or vehicle-to-building systems when it’s parked inside or near a building. It can also link to the local power grid. The high-capacity battery can then help stabilize electrical power frequency and act as a virtual power plant, contributing to the efficient use of renewable energy and energy management.


Seamless Autonomous Mobility (SAM)

Nissan launched "Seamless Autonomous Mobility (SAM)" system developed with NASA to realize a fully autonomous mobility.