Electrified control technology

All-solid-state batteries

High-quality battery technology that dramatically boosts the performance of EVs

Next-generation X-in-1 electric powertrain

Further commonize and modularize core EV and e-POWER components, with the goal of reducing the cost of e-POWER to that of ICE vehicles by 2026

e-POWER's internal combustion engine achieves 50% thermal efficiency

Efficient, fixed-point operation is achieved by restricting the engine's operating range, which is only possible for an engine that is dedicated to electricity generation

The further evolution of e-POWER control technology

Providing even better fuel efficiency and quietness by controlling when to generate power.

Research on the lunar rover’s performance applying e-4ORCE

Nissan aims to boost the rover’s driving performance on the tricky lunar surface, through the joint research with JAXA

e-Bio Fuel-Cell

A fuel cell system that generates electricity from bioethanol to power a vehicle