Scratch Shield


Scratch Shield is a clearcoat that is more scratch resistant compared with conventional clearcoats, helping a vehicle maintain its new look for a longer period of time. The paint also repairs fine scratches, restoring a vehicle's surface close to its original state. Nissan will continue to expand the adoption of Scratch Shield globally.

Main characteristics

After being scratched, a car surface painted with Scratch Shield will have five times less the number of scratches compared with a vehicle painted with a conventional clearcoat.

Scratch Shield repaires fine scratches, restoring painted surfaces close to their original state anywhere from one day to one week.

Basic structure

  • The paint does not self-repair if scratches are deep enough to sever the bonds within the clearcoat or if the clearcoat has been peeled off.
  • The amount of time required for self-repair depends on the surrounding temperature and the depth of the scratch. In some cases, restoration may take up to one week.


A new platform developed exclusively for EVs.

Platform for the electric vehicle to be released from Japan and the US. Designed and developed specially for the EV, its thin, laminated battery pack under the floor, it will have a roomy cabin.

Pedestrian Protection Effort

Vehicle components that may come in contact with a pedestrian in a collision are designed to deform or break away easily for better impact energy absorption. This is just one of many approaches Nissan is taking to help reduce pedestrian injuries.