The new-generation EV platform

A new-gen EV platform that delivers a roomy, flat-floored cabin and responsive handling

The vehicle body size may be C-segment but the cabin is as spacious as D-segment, with the flat floor ensuring plenty of legroom.
The platform also delivers superb handling that responds perfectly to the driver's operation.


A flat, hump-free floor

Instead of a floor tunnel* structure, the cabin floor is flat.

Plenty of legroom

The flat, thin instrument panel design without a center cluster** provides flat and wide-open legroom that extends between the left and right seats.

Long, wide cabin

Possessing a D-segment wheelbase despite a compact overall C-segment length makes for a very roomy cabin.

* Floor tunnel: The name for the hump running down the middle of the cabin floor. Housing the propellor shaft and exhaust pipe, it is designed to reinforce the strength of the car body.
** Center cluster: The name for the area encompassing the unit in the middle of the instrument panel for controlling the A/C, navigation, etc.


Integrated battery floor structure

A flat floor and highly rigid body are achieved by the integrated structure of the floor and the thin, high-capacity battery pack with built-in crossmembers.
The combination of a highly rigid body and low center of gravity produces superlative handling performance.

Compact motor compartment

The high-output, structurally compact e-Powertrain means that the wheelbase could be made longer and the cabin roomier than that of the equivalent internal combustion engine car. In addition, harnessing the benefit of low heat generation, the air-conditioning unit has been moved from inside the car to the motor compartment, expanding the legroom for front seat occupants.
Last but not least, the e-Powertrain is also narrower across, which means the front side members can be designed closer together to increase the maximum steering angle of the front wheels. As a result, the front wheels achieve an even tighter turning circle.


e-Pedal Step

Free control of the vehicle’s speed with just the accelerator pedal


e-4ORCE is an electric-drive four-wheel-control system that freely controls driving force via integrated control of the two front and rear high-output motors and brakes.