A new platform developed exclusively for EVs.

Platform for the electric vehicle to be released from Japan and the US in 2010. Designed and developed specially for the EV, its thin, laminated battery pack under the floor, it will have a roomy cabin.

Features of Newly developed EV platform

Packaging: Maximum installation of batteries, and securing ample cabin space.

  • Owing to the characteristics of the thin laminated Li-ion batteries, the car is designed to secure natural driving position and roomy rear seat at the same time, while installing sufficient amount of batteries
  • Batteries installed in the center of the chassis between wheelbase.

Body frame structure: high rigidity and intensity

  • Achieved high rigidity by adding inverter-mounting members and battery-mounting frame.



Easy driving using only the accelerator pedal

Mode Control Design Technology (Nodal Mount)

We have focused on providing a secure and enjoyable driving experience in any road and weather conditions.

HBMC (Hydraulic Body Motion Control)

Nissan developed this new suspension technology for full-size SUVs which helps balance on road driving performance and ride comfort with off-road capability.

Electric vehicle lithium-ion battery

High capacity Lithium-ion battery in a lightweight, compact design