Remote Software Upgrade

Always available updates to the latest features by constantly being connected to the network

Vehicles are constantly connected to the network to keep software updated to the latest version at all times.
The car can be driven at any time because the system downloads software while driving and updates after driving.

System operation

Software is downloaded while driving and updates are carried out when driving ends.

  1. Automatically check for the latest software
    When users turn the power switch ON, the vehicle will be automatically connected to the information center and check for the latest software updates available.
  2. Download while driving
    If there is a latest software update available, then it will be downloaded while driving. While the download is in progress, all of the in-vehicle features can be used.
  3. Update in a short time after driving
    When users turn the power switch OFF, new software installation is performed after the driver’s confirmation. During the installation, users do not have to be in the car. In addition, by this time, downloading has already been completed, so the update will be completed in a short time. Users can also set the timing to start the update using the timer function.

System mechanism

When the power switch is turned ON, the telematics communication unit checks for the latest software in the information center and downloads it if there is any. The software is downloaded fast to the gateway, via wireless communication and Ethernet.

Each control unit with the dual bank memory which consists of 2 memories receives new software from the gateway via the in-vehicle network. Users can continue driving while downloading because software is stored in the sub memory instead of the main memory, which is used in driving.

When driving ends and the power switch turns OFF, the sub memory is switched to the main memory, and new features will become available for use.

High security performance for software is ensured through a multi-level authentication process with a telematics communication unit, gateway, and each control unit.


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