Around View Monitor with Parking Guide


Extra guidance functionality for the Around View Monitor

The Around View Monitor is a system that displays a virtual birds-eye view of the vehicle. For parking, the technology has been further enhanced to make it easy to understand, easy to use and easy to see. The Parking Guide is a display and voice guidance providing appropriate vehicle maneuvering assistance information for backing up and steering when parking into a garage or parallel parking, helping drivers to park more smoothly.

Technology Functionality

The system provides guidance by simulating an appropriate parking route that does not make contact with nearby vehicles, and displaying a top-view image of the parking position and the point at which to begin backing into the space (right top). It also displays parking guidance of an anticipated trajectory when backing up according to the operation of the steering wheel, and an indicated path to the target parking position (right bottom). A driver can understand at a glance how much he or she should turn the steering wheel.

Technology Configuration

The fundamental configuration is the same as the Around View Monitor, utilizing four super-wide angle (180 degrees), high-resolution (1.3 megapixel) cameras on the front, rear and side mirrors of the vehicle. Footage from each camera is composited into a single sharp virtual birds-eye view image that, due to the use of super-wide angle and high-resolution cameras, allows the driver to see multiple views.

The birds-eye view displays the point at which to begin backing into the parking space (A) and the target line guiding the driver to the appropriate position (B). This vehicle trajectory is guided by the angle of the steering wheel and speed of the vehicle, as well as a display showing the radius of the vehicle (1), the area that will not collide with adjacent vehicles (2), and a simulated trajectory towards the target parking space (3).

  1. Parking aid/convenience feature. Cannot completely eliminate blind spots. May not detect every object and does not warn of moving objects. Always check surroundings before moving vehicle. Not a substitute for proper backing procedures. Always turn to check what is behind you before backing up.