Cars that move people's hearts

Since 1933, Nissan has been creating the kinds of cars that move people’s hearts. In our pursuit of this ideal, we have always challenged the limits of what is possible by rejecting assumptions and turning conventional wisdom on its head. Our history has seen us take on an endless series of challenges.

90 years in the making: How Nissan dares to do what others don't1:56

Looking back over those years, one can see that the challenges we have taken on have centered on four main areas.



We have never lost sight of the importance of our relationship with society and have always remained focused on the effects we have on people’s lives. Thanks to this approach, the innovations that we have made along the way have sometimes transcended the realm of auto manufacturing and have brought about wide-ranging societal changes. For example, Nissan EVs and e-POWER products. Nissan’s development of electric vehicles began with the Tama Electric Car. That work led to today’s Nissan EV like Ariya, Leaf and Sakura, and also e-POWER vehicles like Note.



Ever since Nissan’s founding, we have placed importance on bringing the fun and convenience of automobiles to all.
With early Datsun vehicles, for example, we aimed to enable each household to own their car by creating Japan’s first mass-produced automobile, and these cars are now symbolic of that age.With the Nissan Z-car series we also made owning a sports car something everyone could achieve.
This ethos is what is driving our latest products and services.



Learning from engineers from overseas, collaborating with companies with differing areas of strength, and increasing Nissan’s organizational and cultural diversity have all contributed greatly to our auto manufacturing capabilities.
90 years have passed since our founding–a time when we were striving hard to learn from the cutting-edge technologies of companies outside Japan as quickly as we could. Nowadays we have R&D bases located around the globe, and are therefore able to reflect the culture and preferences of local people in the cars we create.
Today, right at this very minute, we are carrying on our conversation with our customers worldwide.



We are very passionate about driving experience, not only with cars like the Skyline and Nissan GT-R, but with all of the cars we produce. And this passion is growing more intense with the passing of time. Through our long years of experience in motorsports, we have learned a great deal about making cars that are faster, more beautiful, safer, more responsive, and simply more fun to drive. Our passion is to create ever-better cars for our customers, and this will always be the case. We will continue to refuse to be beholden to conventional wisdom.
We are driven by the goal of moving people, moving their hearts, and changing history; we will cease in these efforts.

How did the four main areas Nissan focuses on come into being, how have they developed over the years, and how have they influenced the Nissan we know today? You can find the answers by visiting the Stories section of this website.