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Company Development, Heritage


Year Company Heritage Development Heritage(Japan)
  • Jan Nissan acquires an equity interest in Motor Iberica, S.A. in Spain.
  • Jan Cumulative exports surpass 10 million units.
  • Jul Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corporation U.S.A. (NMMC) is established. (The first Datsun truck rolled off the line in June 1983; the first Sentra (Sunny), in March 1985.)

Leopard Model F30

Laurel Model C31

  • Jun Safari Model 160
  • Aug Caravan/Homy Model E23
  • Sep Leopard Model F30
  • Nov Laurel Model C31
  • Jun Construction of the Kambara Manufacturing Plant, the satellite facility of the Yoshiwara Plant, is completed, and operations begin.
  • Jul Nissan begins worldwide marketing of vehicles under the Nissan name as part of a new corporate identity program.
  • Aug Cumulative production surpasses 30 million units.
  • Sep Nissan is tied up with Volkswagen AG of West Germany to produce and market passenger cars in Japan.
  • Nov The Nissan Technical Center is completed.

Skyline Model R3

Sunny Model B11

  • Aug Skyline Model R30
  • Oct Sunny Model B11
  • Dec Atlas Model H40
  • Mar Construction of the Kurihama Manufacturing Plant, the satellite facility of the Yokohama Plant, is completed. (Production begins in May 1982.)
  • Apr Construction of the head office annex is completed.
  • Apr Nissan wins the Safari Rally for the fourth consecutive year.
  • Jun Nissan concludes a technical assistance agreement with Martin Marietta, U.S.A., in the aerospace sector.
  • Dec The new corporate mark is announced.

Pulsar Model N12

Prairie Model M10

March Model K10

  • Feb Atlas Model F22
  • Apr Pulsar Model N12
  • Aug Prairie Model M10
  • Aug Civilian Model W40
  • Sep Datsun Vanette Largo Model GC120
  • Sep Sunny Vanette Largo Model GC120
  • Sep Cherry Vanette Largo Model GC120
  • Oct March Model K10
  • Oct Sunny AD Van Model VB11
  • Oct Pulsar AD Van Model VB11
  • Oct Datsun AD Van Model VB11


  • Jan Nissan Motor Iberica, S.A. begins production of the Patrol (Safari).
  • Jul Nissan Research & Development, Inc. is established in the United States.

Cedric Model Y30

Fairlady Z Model Z31

Bluebird Model U11

  • Jun Cedric Model Y30
  • Jun Gloria Model Y30
  • Aug Silvia/Gazelle Model S12
  • Sep Fairlady Z Model Z31
  • Oct Bluebird Model U11



  • Feb In line with its agreement with Volkswagen AG, Nissan begins production and sales of the Santana.
  • Apr Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd. is established. (Production begins in July 1986.)
  • May Cumulative domestic sales surpass 20 million units.
  • Nov Construction of the Oppama Wharf is completed. (The harbor had been opened in May 1983.)

Laurel Model C32

Bluebird Maxima Model PU11

  • Oct Laurel Model C32
  • Oct Bluebird Maxima Model PU11
  • Jul Nissan acquires an equity interest in Yulon Motor Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.
  • Aug Cumulative production surpasses 40 million units.
  • Oct Construction of Nissan Overseas Training Center (now called Nissan Overseas Business College) is completed.

Skyline Model R31

Vanette Model C22

  • Aug Skyline Model R31
  • Aug Datsun Truck Model D21
  • Sep Sunny Model B12
  • Sep Vanette Model C22
  • Jan Construction of the Kawasaki Parts Distribution Center is completed.(Operations begin in February 1986.)
  • Dec New corporate philosophy and corporate principles are announced.

Leopard Model F31

Laurel Model N13

  • Feb Leopard Model F31
  • May Laurel Model N13
  • May Vanette Largo Model GC22
  • Aug Terrano Model WD21
  • Sep Caravan/Homy Model E24
  • Jan The Pulsar, EXA, Langley, and Liberta Villa win the '86-'87 Japanese Car of the Year award.
  • Apr Cumulative exports surpass 20 million units.
  • May Daewoo Motor Co., Ltd., begins production and marketing of Vanette trucks in South Korea.
  • Aug The H-I rocket, featuring the fixed apogee motor designed and produced by Nissan in Japan, successfully launches the engineering test satellite KIKU-5.

Bluebird Model U12

Safari Model Y60

  • Jun Cedric Model Y31
  • Jun Gloria Model Y31
  • Sep Bluebird Model U12
  • Nov Safari Model Y60
  • Apr Nissan's ARC-X wins the "Car Design Award 1988, Torino---Piemonte".


  • Jun Nissan European Technology Centre Ltd. is established in the United Kingdom.
  • Aug Nissan acquires equity in Barrett Industrial Truck Inc. of the United States, a manufacturer of forklifts, and decides to locally manufacture forklifts.
  • Oct The Nissan Silvia Q's win "Good Design Grand Prize" for 1988.

Cedric Cima Model FY31

Silvia Model S13

  • Jan Cedric Cima Model FY31
  • Jan Gloria Cima Model FY31
  • May Silvia Model S13
  • Sep Cefiro Model A31
  • Sep Prairie Model M11
  • Oct Maxima Model J30


  • Jan The Silvia wins the '88-'89 Japanese Car of the Year award.
  • Apr Nissan Europe N.V., the Company's regional headquarters for European operations, and Nissan Distribution Service (Europe) B.V., are established in the Netherlands. (Operations begin in April 1990.)

Laurel Model C33

180SX Model RS13

Fairlady Z Model Z32

Skyline GT-R Model R32

  • Jan Laurel Model C33
  • Apr 180SX Model RS13
  • May Skyline Model R32
  • Jul Fairlady Z Model Z32
  • Aug Skyline GT-R Model R32
  • Nov Infiniti Q45 Model G50

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