Nissan Global Foundation


Human resource development to support building a prosperous future society.


Develop human resources capable of playing an active role globally to create a future.

  1. Support children's capability development programs
  2. Contribute to the evolution of education for the future and growth of educators
  3. Contribute to global leadership development

Since its establishment in 1974, the Nissan Global Foundation (initially named as Nissan Science Foundation) has extensively provided grants for a wide range of significant research supporting the continuation of Japan's leadership in science and technology. In 2011, the foundation changed its name to the current one as it was increasingly active in the educational field amid globalization, and has shifted its focus to human resource development.

One main focus is enhancing science education at elementary and middle schools and science workshops by fostering logical and scientific thinking skills among schoolchildren. The foundation grants ¥700,000 per project for teaching material in two years. In addition, the foundation grants “Science Education Awards” to schools with the best performance so as to encourage competition and promote dynamism. Additionally, since fiscal 2018, Nissan has awarded the Nissan Global Foundation “Rikajo” Prize to elementary and middle schools, museums and other educational institutions that have dramatically increased interest in science among female students.

Aid for science education

Students learning about the earth and the universe with an iPad app for stargazing in an educational program aimed at improving children's scientific thinking capabilities with IT equipment (Soma Municipal Koyo junior high school in Fukushima Prefecture)