Happy holidays from the global Nissan family!

Dec 13, 2023
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The year-end and New Year holidays are just around the corner. You might be looking for some gift ideas for your friends and family.

In addition to automobiles, Nissan offers a variety of quality products ranging from car accessories to fashion items and stationery. The array of interesting goods in our global markets' online shops often reflect their cultures.

The Nissan employee ambassadors who attended the Japan Mobility Show 2023 brought some of their original merchandise to swap with their colleagues. This issue of Nissan Stories highlights these items. Some are for sale and some are promotional items only, but all are unique to their market and are focused on variety.

Please enjoy the greetings from our ambassadors as well!

Happy holidays from the global Nissan family!
Happy holidays from the global Nissan family!1:11

EV36Zero mouse mat from Nissan UK

Centered around Nissan's record-breaking plant in Sunderland, U.K., EV36Zero is the world's first EV production hub and is leading the way toward carbon neutrality in Europe.

See other merchandise from Nissan UK here.

Thermos from Nissan Canada

Canadian winter is super cold, and it could be minus 40 degree even in November. Canadian view thermoses as essential equipment for keeping their hot drinks at the perfect temperature on frigid winter days.

Nissan Mexico 60th Anniversary jacket

Nissan Mexico celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2021. The commemoration was made all the more special by the fact that our first overseas factory was in Mexico. Nissan Mexico's ambassadors presented CEO Makoto Uchida with this jacket, which he instantly loved, at the Japan Mobility Show.

Formula E bamboo speaker from Nissan India

Formula Eis the EV street-racing series that takes place in cities around the world. The 4th round of the 2022-23 season championships took place in Hyderabad, India, in February.Nissan India marked the event by offering a speaker sporting a handsome bamboo façade with "Nissan Formula E Team" embossed on it. The choice of bamboo reflects India's status as the world's No. 2 producer of the woody grass.

See other merchandise from Nissan India here.

Fragrance sheets from Nissan China

China car owners tend to like to spice up their driving experience with fragrance sheets, so Nissan China is offering these sweet-smelling sachets.

Fragrance sheets available here (Chinese language only). See other merchandise from Nissan China here (Chinese language only).

Almera caps from Nissan Thailand

The Almera is one of Nissan's best-selling models in Thailand. At the all-new Almera's launch event in Bangkok in May, over 200 Nissan employees wore these white caps — which not only look cool but also keep the blazing sun at bay in summer.

Almera caps available here. See other merchandise from Nissan Thailand here.

Yunomi mug cup from Nissan Japan

This mug cup is decorated with a Kumiko pattern. Kumikois a traditional woodcrafting technique developed in Japan that produces beautiful, complex geometric patterns. Nissan often uses the Kumiko pattern as a design motif. The all-electric Ariya crossover SUV, for example, features Kumiko-inspired patterns on its exterior front shield, as well as several places inside the cabin.

Yunomi available here (Japanese language only). See other merchandise from Nissan Japan here (Japanese language only).

Which of these products do you like the best? Nissan wishes you a wonderful holiday season.

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