Zero Gravity Inspired Car Seat


A “fatigue-free” seat for long drives developed in a weightless environment

This technology alleviates fatigue for drivers and passengers when driving, pursuing the ideal posture to make long drives more pleasant, always maintaining seating comfort.

Technology Functionality

Ergonomic technology was utilized to analyze, measure and verify fatigue reduction and comfort, leading to the NASA-measured “neutral posture.” In a weightless scenario human posture is weakened and the burden on the body is at its least, meaning posture does not collapse even over long periods and you are less likely to become tired. By applying this neutral posture to a car seat, it alleviates feelings of fatigue from sitting for long periods of time.

Technology Configuration

The system replicates the neutral posture through its shape, providing continuous support from the hips to the back. Developed through joint research with Yamazaki Laboratory at Keio University and using a seat simulator and a musculo-skeletal model for seating analysis, Nissan now has the know-how on the bearing capacity for every body part and the seating surface shape that reduces load to the smallest amount on muscular and spinal areas. Based on this, it has achieved optimal support by controlling local deformation characteristics and the seat back in its initial shape. Fundamentally changing the structure of the seat makes for long drives that are comfortable.