Rear Automatic Breaking

Helps avoid collisions with objects behind the vehicle

When the vehicle is travelling in reverse at a low speed, such as when parking, the system assists in collision avoidance by warning the driver and braking automatically when there is a risk of collision.

The system can detect objects and obstacles such as walls and vehicles that are behind the vehicle.

System operation

When the vehicle is travelling in reverse and sonar sensors detect an object or obstacle, such as a wall or other vehicle, in the rearward path, and assesses a potential risk of collision, the system warns the driver with an audible alert and display indicator.

In addition, when a potential collision is judged, the system will automatically apply braking force in order to help avoid a rearward collision.

System mechanism

Sonar sensors installed in the rear bumper are used to detect objects and obstacles behind the vehicle and their distance from the vehicle's position. If the system judges there is risk of collision, it warns the driver and automatically applies braking force.