Hands-free Automatic Sliding Door

Conveniently activates the opening/closing of the sliding door

When operating the sliding door can be a difficult task, such as when both hands are full or carrying a sleeping child, the hands-free automatic sliding door operates with a simple wave of the foot, making loading and unloading more convenient.

System operation

While carrying an Intelligent Key, the sliding door can be activated by waving a foot under it. Upon sensor activation, a buzzer sound announces operation and opens/closes the door.

Operation is not allowed without an Intelligent Key. Further, a safety feature restricts activation by animals, debris or other objects.

System mechanism

When approaching the vehicle, two external antennas installed in the outside sliding door handles detect individuals carrying an Intelligent Key when near the left or right sliding door.

Two electrostatic sensors, installed near the lower half of the door and underside, activate the sliding door mechanism. One sensor, facing outward, detects leg movements; and the other sensor, facing downward, detects foot movements.

If the two sensors activate at the same time while the Intelligent Key is detected, the system control unit determines that an operation request is made by a person and automatically opens/closes the door. When an animal or object is nearby, the sensors do not react due to the above conditions not being met, which makes it possible to avoid unintended operations.