IR Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy for Disclosure

Nissan will establish mutually trustworthy relationships with shareholders and investors, through the timely and appropriate disclosure of corporate information, continuous communication, and constructive dialogue.

Timely Disclosure

The company’s information is ultimately communicated to the IR Department, which is in charge of timely disclosures. The IR Department determines the necessity for disclosure in compliance with the regulations and Timely Disclosure Rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, where Nissan is listed, and discloses the information to the Tokyo Stock Exchange through TDNet. The same information is also posted on Nissan’s corporate website in a timely manner.

Organization for Timely Disclosure

Voluntary Disclosure

Nissan also proactively and fairly discloses information that it deems to be useful for investment decisions by shareholders and investors, even if it is not required under the Timely Disclosure Rules. Information is disclosed in a timely and appropriate manner through such means as posting on the company website, distributing press releases, and holding press conferences and briefings.

Disclosure Review Committee

Nissan established the Disclosure Review Committee to deliberate on and approve Nissan’s basic policies on disclosing information externally. For corporate information and/or official reports disclosed to external stakeholders, in particular those identified as particularly important, the DRC aims, as a dedicated organization, to deliberate on and approve such items as required in order to ensure that objective, timely and appropriate information and communications are disclosed by Nissan in a continuous and consistent manner. The committee is chaired by the Representative Executive Officer, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Quiet Period

In order to prevent the leakage of information and insider trading, Nissan prohibits communications related to financial information for the period from the day after the end of each financial quarter until the day of the official announcement of financial information.

Information concerning forecasts

The information disclosed by Nissan contains forward-looking statements that are based on judgments and estimates that have been made on the basis of information available at the time of disclosure and are subject to uncertainty and risk. As such, the final results may significantly differ from the aforementioned statements due to changes in the economic environment related to our business, market trends and exchange rates, etc.