Alfonso feels the passion for education in China

Alfonso makes the first meeting with the guardian and touches China's passion for education.

On April 23, 2018, Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President for Global Design for Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (NML) paid a visit to the School Attached to the Central Academy of Art & Design in Beijing and delivered a keynote speech. This is the first time Alfonso brings “Roots of Design” program to China. Around 200 teachers, students and their parents participated in the speech.
In front of about 2009th graders, their teachers and about 10 parents, Alfonso spoke about the qualities and attitudes required in order to become professionals in in the field of art and design He also discussed how the technological revolution observed in the automotive design industry might potentially enrich our lives.

In the interactive session following the lecture, the students asked Alfonso many questions that showed strong interest in creativity among the young generation of Chinese, such as, “What is a good design?” “How can a beautiful design and a function become compatible with each other?” and “What do we have to keep in mind to maintain innovative ideas?”

For the first time in the Roots of Design program, Alfonso had an opportunity to meet with the teaching staff and the parents as well. He received a barrage of questions such as, “What should we do to provide our children with the optimum environment and opportunities for education?” and “Which fields of creativity do you think has potential?” reflecting their “passion for education.” Yoshihisa Akiyama, Vice President VP of Nissan Design China (NDC) in Beijing who attended the meeting, proposed a tour of NDC in order to help the students gain more understanding about the creative world and the professionals who work within.

“Maybe sometime in the near future, we may find some of the Root of Design participants at one of the Nissan design studios, brimming with fresh creativity and enthusiasm.” Alfonso said.

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