Nissan executives look to students for car designers of the future

Nissan executives look to students for car designers of the future

Nissan executives look to students for car designers of the future
Nissan design executives plan to do more to engage directly with students and their parents, to promote the opportunities of a career in design.

Speaking at the 2017 London Design Festival, the UK capital’s annual weeklong celebration of all things design related, Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President for Global Design for Nissan Motor Company, said he and his senior team will increasingly visit schools around the world to ensure students have a greater future in creative fields. “We are going to mobilise the talent from the high schools in every country to make sure that we allow the younger generations of today to realise that the opportunities presented by their instincts to create are limitless,” he said, during his keynote ‘Opportunities in Design’ at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, a national hub for art and design and host of public sessions during the London Design Festival.

“What we would like to do as Nissan is to go out and to show them that the world of the applied arts is so wide that any child can design anything they want – and that they can have a sustainable life and live an inspired life.”

Albaisa said this message needed to be directed towards parents too.

“Parents often don’t realise the amount of work there is out there. They see their child is creative but worry that work opportunities are very limited. Our teams will reveal the abundance of opportunity, but that more than ever children need an education and they need to be in the right circumstances and have an understanding of where they can go.”

Albaisa leads a global team of 800 with design studios in Atsugi Japan, London, Beijing, Bangkok, San Diego, Sao Paulo and Chennai. He said that employees he was set to recruit in the future were likely not to be simply car designers.

“The people that I employ globally are not just car designers, because the car of the future is not just shape,” he said. “The car of the future is information: it will have the ability to take stuff that’s in the cloud, turn it into graphics, communicate it on screen and make it easy to engage with. So we will have car designers, interior designers, graphic designers, movie makers, and editors of movies.

“We will have every type of creator that you can imagine.”

The event also included a panel discussion that included subjects such as Nissan Intelligent Mobility and Nissan LEAF, as well as a live Q&A which, led by Albaisa, answered questions from the audience regarding opportunities within and entry routes into the automotive sector.

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