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As of Apr 1, 2020

Board members

Independent outside director
Yasushi Kimura
Jean-Dominique Senard
Independent outside director
Lead independent outside director
Chair of Nomination Committee
Masakazu Toyoda
Independent outside director
Chair of Compensation Committee
Keiko Ihara
Independent outside director
Chair of Audit Committee
Motoo Nagai
Independent outside director Bernard Delmas
Independent outside director Andrew House
Independent outside director Jenifer Rogers
Director Pierre Fleuriot
Director Makoto Uchida
Director Ashwani Gupta
Director Hideyuki Sakamoto

Executive officers

Representative executive officer, president and CEO Makoto Uchida
Representative executive officer, COO/CPO (chief performance officer) Ashwani Gupta
Executive officer, CQO (chief quality officer) / vice-CPO Christian Vandenhende
Executive officer, CFO Stephen Ma
Executive officer, EVP Hideyuki Sakamoto
Executive officer, EVP Asako Hoshino
Executive officer, EVP Kunio Nakaguro
Executive officer, EVP Jose Luis Valls

Corporate officers

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