New revenue streams

Capturing new revenue opportunities throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle

Over the next several years, Nissan intends to expand into new areas including data-based tailored services, features on demand, EV energy ecosystem and mobility services. We see an opportunity to generate 2.5 trillion yen in additional revenue by FY30 from leveraging these business opportunities and bringing new technologies to more people.

In EV energy ecosystems, we have more than a decade of experience that sets us apart from other automakers and gives us a distinct advantage. We see EVs and their batteries as part of the energy solution that society and the world needs – while also generating new ancillary revenue streams.

Expand toward future
Expand toward future

EV energy ecosystem

We have more than a decade of experience in EV energy ecosystem which gives us a distinct advantage. In residential sector, starting FY25, we plan to launch an AI supported next-generation charging management system, an affordable bi-directional home charger and V2X services, and a Nissan energy storage system for home use.

In the commercial sector, we plan to introduce seamless plug-and-charge services, large energy storage systems and intelligent route planning by FY25. From FY27 onwards, we will be expanding both residential and commercial businesses and services across Japan, the U.S. and Europe.

From EV Ecosystem to Residential
From EV Ecosystem to Commercial

Mobility services

We announced a new business initiative with Mitsubishi Corporation in Japan.
This new business aims to bring enhanced freedom of mobility through next-generation mobility services and more efficient energy usage through energy management services.

From EV mobility services
From EV mobility services