Nissan Art Award 2015

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Takashi Ishida
Takashi Ishida

Born in 1972 in Tokyo, lives and works in Tokyo.
Takashi Ishida is a painter and film artist. He mainly uses a technique of drawing animation, which consists in drawing lines and shooting them one frame at a time. By interposing multiplying lines, moving points or some other mobile elements, Ishida's installations produce various changes in the quality of the space. He received the Most Promising Young Talent Prize of the Gotoh Commemorative Culture Award in 2007. He is an associate professor at Tama Art University. His recent major exhibitions include “BILLOWING LIGHT: ISHIDA Takashi” (Solo Exhibition, Yokohama Museum of Art / Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum, 2015), “Distilling Senses: A Journey through Art and Technology in Asian Contemporary Art” (Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong, 2013), “Double Vision: Contemporary Art from Japan” (Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 2012) and “MOT Collection Silent Narrator: On Plural Stories Special Feature: Takashi Ishida” (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2011).
Ishida’s work will also be screened at “All Begun in Kamakura Part 3” (Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura) in November, and he will exhibit at the Aichi Triennale 2016.

Artist's comment

I am honored to be able to exhibit at Yokohama as a finalist for the Nissan Art Award. In this new work it would be wonderful to encounter light and sounds of a sort I have never experienced before. I look forward to having fun over the next days producing the work, as well as meeting new people through the work. It's marvelous to have been given such a massive opportunity.


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