Nissan Art Award 2015

Vision of Nissan Art Award

The Nissan Art Award is a biennial award presented to an emerging generation of Japanese artists to encourage their career, enhance their presence in the international art world and create a social environment where people familiarize themselves with art culture. The award is to celebrate new expressions in Japanese contemporary art and help provoke debate about visual art by selecting creative emerging artists. Through a prolonged commitment, the award can contribute towards outlining a history of Japanese contemporary art and artists focusing particularly on their activities in the past two years.

“Nissan Art Award allowed me to take a big gamble to create larger-scaled installations, which would never have been realized without this great opportunity,” said Ms. Aiko Miyanaga, the Grand Prix recipient of the Nissan Art Award 2013.

About Nissan Art Award 2015

This year, the nomination committee members will select thirty three artists, from which seven will be named as finalists for the Grand Prix. These finalists will be chosen by five international jury members. The artists will then produce new works to be exhibited in an official exhibition this November at BankART Studio NYK in Yokohama, during which the Grand Prix winner will be chosen and announced. Different from 2013, the Grand Prix winner will also be awarded a two-month stay in London, where, with the support from the Camden Arts Centre, he or she will receive an opportunity to gain entry into the international art scene and make a significant career step.

Nissan Art Award 2015 Facts

Organized and Sponsored By
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Directed, Coordinated and Exhibition Curated By
Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT]
In association with
Camden Arts Centre
Exhibition Support By
BankART1929, Epson Sales Japan Corp., Light and Licht Ltd.
Associate Support By
City of Yokohama
Exhibition Period
Saturday, November 14 – Sunday, December 27  
*The exhibition will be closed to the public on November 24 (Tue) for the event.
BankART Studio NYK (3-9 Kaigan Dori, Naka-ku, Yokohama)
Award ceremony
Tuesday, November 24, 2015 *Participation in the Award Ceremony & Reception is by Invitation-Only

Artist nomination and first selection

Each of the ten members of the nomination committee, consisted of curators and members of non profit art organizations, nominated four Japanese artists living both in and out of Japan.
Thereafter, from among the thirty three candidates, seven finalists were chosen in the first selection round at the beginning of May in Venice, Italy by five globally renowned jury members.

Production and exhibition of new works

The Finalists will receive a cash award of one million yen, produce new works with a provided budget of another one million yen and exhibit in an official exhibition (November 14 to December 27, 2015).

Final selection and Award ceremony

The Grand Prix winner is selected by the jury members based on the exhibition from November 14 to December 27, 2015. Furthermore, the Audience Award which is selected by the votes of public in the period between November 14 and November 23 will be also announced at the same day.
This official website will announce these recipients on November 25, the following day of the Award Ceremony.

The Award

The Seven finalists are awarded a prize of one million yen each, plus production fee of one million yen for making new works and an opportunity to exhibit them at BankART Studio NYK in Yokohama.

The Grand Prix winner is awarded the Trophy and a 1 million-yen prize as per all the finalists and an additional 2 million yen, making for a total of 3 million yen. In addition, the Grand Prix winner will receive the opportunity to live in London for two months in the spring of 2016, in association with the Camden Arts Centre. The total value of the Grand Prix award is 5 million yen.

Camden arts center

Camden arts center

About Camden Arts Centre
Created in 1965, Camden Arts Centre is a place for world-class contemporary art exhibitions and education. With artists at the core of the programme, Camden Arts Centre strives to involve members of the public in the ideas and processes of today's artists, and the artists who inspire them. The year-round programme includes exhibitions, artist residencies, talks and events, school and artists’ projects, courses and off-site activities, ensuring Camden Arts Centre remains a dynamic place for seeing, making and talking about art.

About the Grand Prix trophy
The Grand Prix trophy was designed by the product designer Keita Suzuki, expressing the unbroken chain of creation. It is produced together with Sadao Oda, an artisan of Takaoka-shikki, a traditional lacquerware craft from the Toyama region. Combining two elements—the way the color of lacquer becomes more transparent and transforms into amber over time, and the lacquer protects the gold so that it never rusts—incorporates the wish for the trophy to represent an eternal gold that will continue to shine.

Keita Suzuki Product designer
Born in 1982 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from Tama Art University in 2006, he worked at NEC Design and Iwasaki Design Studio, before founding Product Design Center in 2012. His international product design projects encompass everything from planning to engineering, and include home appliances, mobility products, furniture, everyday utilities, and art.



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About Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT]
AIT was begun in 2001, with the idea that Tokyo lacked spaces in which to think about, learn and discuss art at the time. We aim to create a new alternative platform where artists, curators, critics, collectors, students, and a larger audience can access contemporary art through a range of programs and events in Tokyo and beyond. 

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