Initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions
Nissan is treating the issue of reduction in CO2 emissions as one of our highest priorities in enviromental challenges.
Initiatives to minimize CO2 emissions
Carbon dioxide emissions, believed by many scientists to be a cause of global warming, are a worldwide concern.
Nissan is treating the reduction in CO2 emissions as an issue of high priority. Our ulitimate goal is to minimize CO2 emissions for our vehicles. We are working to accomplish this at every stage of our business, from how we build our cars, transporting them to sales outlets, to when a customer test-drives a car.
One crucial issue: improving fuel consumption
In a car's life-cycle, most CO2 is emitted during driving, as compared to the amount of CO2 generated when it is built and when it is finally recycled. Nissan regards cutting the emissions during driving by improving the car's fuel consumption as a high priority.
In addition to R&D efforts related to electric vehicles, Nissan is attacking the challenge of raising engine efficiency to its ultimate level and improving fuel consumption in today's cars in order to decrease CO2 emission volumes.