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The Future is Coming

Experience an Exciting Future
of Car Society!

Creating a future which is clean, safe, and fun for everyone. NISSAN is working on research and development to make vehicles better in many ways! EVs which are eco-friendly and exciting to drive, vehicles which are safe and comfortable to drive, and connected vehicles which are more convenient to use.


Vehicles share their electricity with cities


Fun driving, where the vehicle
runs automatically


The vehicle will help you when
you are in trouble


Vehicles and society are safely connected


Catch the future with
cutting edge technology

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Safe and Comfortable Vehicles

Automatic Driving
Technology for Highways ProPILOT

With ProPILOT, the vehicle will automatically control the distance with the vehicle in front and operate the handles, for when you are driving on highways for long periods of time or stuck in traffic.

Automatic Driving
Technology for Parking ProPILOT Park

Parking requires complicated maneuvers. With ProPILOT Park, the vehicle will automatically search for a free parking space and perform all parking maneuvers.

Technology to
avoid the accident Intelligent Emergency Brake

A camera watches the road ahead.
If your vehicle might hit another vehicle or a pedestrian, it alerts the driver or puts on the brakes.

Clean and Exciting Vehicles

Environmentally Friendly
Electric Vehicles Electric Vehicle(EV)

Electric Vehicles (EV) run on a motor charged with electricity, so it does not use the precious fuel gasoline, or produce exhaust fumes. They offer swift acceleration and run quietly, meaning you can enjoying a more exciting drive.

Generates Electricity with
Gasoline and Runs
on a Motor e-POWER

e-POWER technology uses an engine to generate electricity, which powers the motor. e-POWER vehicles can run quietly and fast like EVs. Also, because you fill them with gasoline and not charge them with electricity, you can use them just like normal vehicles.

Vehicles that will Lead
to a More Convenient Society

Use the Electricity Stored
in the Vehicle Electric Power Distribution

This system can use electric vehicles for home power supply every day or for emergency power during a blackout. The electric vehicle can also store electricity from solar panels during the day for use in the home at night.

Operate the
Vehicle Remotely Control by Smartphone

Use a device like a smartphone or smart speaker to operate the vehicle even from far away. You can also turn the home lighting or air conditioning on or off from the vehicle!

The Future of Automotive Society
that NISSAN Aims for.

NISSAN aims to realize “a clean vehicle that is environmentally friendly” and “a vehicle that builds an accident-free society,” in order to enrich the future. In order to achieve these goals, NISSAN has made three goals, and is progressing research and development.